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Angelina Meli-min

Q - What’s your background?
A - I graduated with a graphic design degree & almost immediately went into interior design sales. After nearly two years’ of the interiors sales industry I wanted to get into something different so that’s why I went seeking to temp in a new company.

Q - What did you think are the benefits of temping ?
A - It really opens your eyes to see what is out there in the industry. If you’re not sure of what you want to do whether that’s after university or just want a career change itʼs the best thing to do. You just have to think positive

Q -  How did you get into temping?
A - I was in a job that I was really unhappy in and did not feel their values or goals where the same as mine.

Q - Did you ever think you’d be in a job like this?
A - 
No not at all. I was very set on “I need to pick a certain career”. I took a step back and now have found a role I love and want to grow in.

Q - Did you enjoy temping?
A - I love my role. The people I work with are great and I enjoy the pace of the role.

Q - How do you deal with the uncertainty of work?
A - 
There will always be an uncertainty with temping however if you work hard that will stand by you in the long term.

Q - What skills did you bring to the job that helped you with temping?
A - Being in business support you need to know how to deal with clients & customers. My background has always been with high prestigious brands & keeping clients happy are a must to this role. You also need to be very quick with computer programs like CRM & quick to problem solve

Q - 
How did you become aware of Brightwater temping?
A - Online, I was aware that Brightwater was a great company for business support & understanding candidate’s needs as well as their clients.

Q - Have you enjoyed the temping process with BW?
A - Such fun. My consultant Karen has been with me every step of the way. We have such a good relationship and I can go to her about anything!

Q - Was it a long /short process to find a temp job with Brightwater?
A - 
Very short. I had a job offer within one week of registering with Brightwater. They understood what I wanted & placed me somewhere they thought I would grow well with.

Q -  What were your initial thoughts of temping?
A - Itʼs a weird one I was both excited for a new part of my life & terrified of not having a permanent job for the first time ever!

Q - What did you learn about yourself from temping ?
A - My last role previous to temping really made me lose confidence within myself. Temping with such a great company & great colleagues has made my confidence come back even stronger & I want to do well for my company on a daily basis.

Q - Would you approach it differently now you’ve been through the other side?
A - No I think everything happens for a reason and if something is for you it wonʼt pass you!

Q - What has been your experience of temping before Brightwater?
A - I found other companies were very pushy, just wanting you to take any kind of role. Brightwater placed me somewhere they knew I would do well & work great with my personality. It needs to be a fit for you as well as your new employer.

Q - Did temping surprise you in any way?
A - Yeah completely, I did not realise how well I could do out of temping and how much positivity it has brought me.

Q - Why do you like working as a temp for Brightwater?
A - Fast employment, Great team, great pay & great goals for you!

Q - Is temping an easy job?
A - No itʼs not. You have to adapt very quickly to a new team and new ways of working. You never know how long you are going to be in a role and that can be scary.

Q - What do you think are the common misconceptions around temping?
A - I think people can have a negative view on temping but this is so untrue. It can give you a window into new industries, you meet great people & you never know what will happen within your temp role. Just be yourself, work hard & donʼt forget to have a laugh too. 

Q - Who should apply for a temp role?
A - If you are unhappy in your role, want experience or just a new challenge then apply!

Q - What do you need to succeed in a temp role?
A - Positivity, be outgoing and just be yourself.

Q - What do you think when you look back at yourself before temping? 
A - Why didnʼt I do this sooner?

Angelina Meli - Temp of the Month

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