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Tax Office Information

What to do if…

A. You are working in Northern Ireland for the first time
Apply for an NI number. You can do this by contacting the Revenue at the above number. Unfortunately during this time you will be on Emergency tax. When you get your NI number, contact the Revenue and tell them you are working for Brightwater. Give them our registered number (above) and they will issue a PAYE Coding Notice to both you and us. We will then enter your Tax details onto the payroll system. At this stage you should be taken off emergency tax but this will depend on each individual..

B. You have returned from working abroad
Please contact the Revenue and tell them you are now working for Brightwater, giving them our Registered number. They will issue a PAYE Coding Notice to both you and Brightwater.

C. You have ceased another employment and you have a P45 / P46
Please send your P45 / P46 (all Parts) by Post to Payroll at:

51-53 Adelaide St.

We will update your record on the system and send the relevant part to the Revenue, who will in turn issue both you and us with your PAYE Coding Notice.

D. You have changed your address, bank details etc.
Please send any new information to the payroll department. If you have moved while working in Brightwater please let the payroll department know immediately otherwise your payslips will be going to your old address. The same will apply for bank details.

E. Ltd Company
Please send the original Certificate of Incorporation / Relevant VAT number or Professional Solutions details to our payroll department. Approved invoices will be paid each week.

Belfast Tax Office - HMRC - Inland Revenue

Beaufort House
31 Wellington Place
County Antrim
Tel: 0844 474 0101


Brightwater Selection (Belfast) Ltd.

Trading as “Brightwater”
51-53 Adelaide Street

Our Employer Registered No: 925/LZ11556
Our Vat No: 773980777

You may contact our payroll department on +353 1 662 1000 or email [email protected] with any queries you may have in relation to any of the above or tax issues, holidays, etc.