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Q - What’s your background?
A - I am a 23 year old from Belfast who has experience working in Contact Centres for a leading telecommunication company and bank.

Q - What did you think are the benefits of temping ?
A - I believe the benefits of temping are that it is a good test for the employer and employee, to see if the employee is the right fit for an organisation and vice versa. I feel it's a good way for an employee to get their foot in the door, and motivates the employee to work hard if there are prospects for permanent employment.  

Q -  How did you get into temping?
A -  I was looking for a permanent job and came across a Brightwater temping advertisement and felt I had the relevant experience required for the role. I applied and received excellent support throughout the entire application and interview process.

Q - Did you ever think you’d be in a job like this?
A - 
I've always wanted to work for a leading company that's always growing as I'm aware this will lead to more opportunities as well as improve my CV. I enjoy administrative work as I feel I have great attention to detail and realise the importance of background staff in a company like this.

Q - Did you enjoy temping?
A - I really enjoy temping as I feel there is wonderful support from both the recruiter and company.  

Q - How do you deal with the uncertainty of work?
A - 
I feel this is again, an excellent motivator as it encourages me to work hard every day and earn my post, as well as seek more permanent opportunities so I don't have to worry about this uncertainty.

Q - What skills did you bring to the job that helped you with temping?
A - I feel I bring an enthusiastic approach, I show initiative, teamwork and flexibility. I'm always willing to learn and will adapt to the needs of the employer which is definitely required when working in a temporary role. 

Q - 
How did you become aware of Brightwater temping?
A -  I saw Brightwater advertised on

Q - Have you enjoyed the temping process with BW?
A - I really enjoyed the entire process with Brightwater, particularly Karen who provides me with fantastic support and resolves any issues I may have. 

Q - Was it a long /short process to find a temp job with Brightwater?
A - 
Impressively short, I needed work ASAP and Brightwater only took a few days to find me employment.

Q -  What were your initial thoughts of temping?
A -  All in all, a positive experience. As previously mentioned excellent support along with Brightwater providing me with an excellent foundation of knowledge for the interview process as well as the role itself. 

Q - What did you learn about yourself from temping ?
A - I learned that I can be in control of my career and there is great freedom in temporary work. I have learnt new skills, e.g. flexibility and teamwork.

Q - Would you approach it differently now you’ve been through the other side?
A - No, I feel it's been a great experience all in all.

Q - What has been your experience of temping before Brightwater?
A - I worked in mostly permanent roles before so this has been a refreshing experience.

Q - Did temping surprise you in any way?
A - Yes, it surprised me that I would enjoy it so much and how motivating it has been.

Q - Why do you like working as a temp for Brightwater?
A - They provide brilliant support and have given me this excellent opportunity.

Q - Is temping an easy job?
A - I don't think any job is easy as you have to show a good work ethic and dedication, no matter what role. 

Q - What do you think are the common misconceptions around temping?
A - I would say people think there is no job security or opportunities when working in temporary roles, I'd completely disagree with this as it gets your foot in the door and forces you to work hard. I'd also argue people believe you don't receive the same benefits as a temporary worker, which is a definite misconception. 

Q - Who should apply for a temp role?
A - Someone who wants flexibility and experience.

Q - What do you need to succeed in a temp role?
A - You need to be highly motivated, have good time management skills, teamwork and be 

Q - What do you think when you look back at yourself before temping? 
A - I look at myself prior to temping, as a person who believed job security was the most important thing, now I see the opportunities and flexibility with temping I feel I am in a better position to further my career, using the foundation of skills and knowledge I have gained from temporary work.

Oonagh Stewart - August Temp of the Month

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