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Recruitment - A Great Career


Brightwater are an exceptional company in recruitment, combining the dynamism of the recruitment industry with the ultra-professionalism of the top Blue Chip organisations. The only thing that will slow our development is not getting the right staff. 

A Global Industry: Recruitment companies exist in almost every country in the world, employing 1.7 million people with sales topping €415 billion. Sales in Ireland of over €1 billion and the Industry is still growing…

The Buzz: It’s such a passionate industry, highs and lows. The ‘high’ from a successful placement, the rush from filling those temp jobs that are starting at 9am the next morning, or the smaller buzz that comes from just getting to speak to or meet a new Client. The buzz is addictive!

A Progressive Career: There’s always opportunity for promotion to  Senior Consultant, Assistant Manager, Manager or even Director.  An excellent Consultant can go all the way.

Recognition: In Recruitment what you put into it is what you get out.  You can have respect, money, and recognition from your industry colleagues and the happiness that comes from knowing that you’re good at what you do.

Friends and Colleagues: Recruitment people work hard and spend a lot of time at work or thinking about work. It becomes our hobby. It’s important we like our colleagues and at the risk of generalising: recruitment people tend to be optimistic, competitive, gregarious, energetic, good-humoured and excellent communicators.  Since we see each other through good months and bad, it’s little wonder we will often end up as close friends, or at least companions down the pub! (Actually, I took it a little further and married a Recruitment Consultant)!

The Rosy Glow Factor: A genuine “thank you” from a Candidate placed in a much longed-for job can be so gratifying, and what a bonus it is that our success is based on finding employment for people.  In fact, most Consultants can recall a particular Candidate who we’ve gone the extra mile for simply because we liked them and we knew that our efforts would be genuinely appreciated.  

Brightwater: We have several staff who are with the company over 12 years. We recruit people who see recruitment as a career, a smart career move and a successful choice. Brightwater people have pride in the company and in what they do. Brightwater staff are proud of what we stand for and share including resilience, teamwork, fairness and a great sense of fun. The job is tough.  We understand that, and know that by working together we make it easier and happier. We’ve created a family atmosphere here while never losing our commercial edge.

If you are interested in learning more about Brightwater and are seriously considering a career in recruitment, please contact Barbara McGrath on +44 28 90 325 325 or email us at  or apply directly here.