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90% of people talk about their ex during a job interview

07 Feb 2018

Con Lam

Valentine ’s Day is approaching fast and I’m sure some of you will have be having that very first date. Career hunting and dating might not be as unrelated as you think; you will have a chance to shine and usually one opportunity to impress!

Here are some tips about how to smash that first interview! ...and possibly that first date.

1. Be Presentable

This one is crucial. As a first impression it is always important to be well dressed. I would like to hope you would try to look your best on a first date so why not a first interview? Don’t get this confused with rocking up in your Saturday night suit. Be professional, for guys and girls: suited and booted!

2. Be on time
You should definitely be on time. If you are running late for a date they may be gone by the time you arrive, or worse; a bottle of wine down before the date has even started! This will not be the same for a first interview. If you are late it will give a bad first impression and you will be on the back foot trying to pull it back from there. This leads me on to the next tip… PLAN!

Chasing a Train

3. Plan
Now I am sure we can all agree that some of the best nights of our lives have not been planned. They have been spontaneous last minute arrangements or we have just winged it. Does this work with interviews? Absolutely not! Plan everything. Plan the route, plan how you are going to get there, plan what you are going to wear and find out where you are going to park. It does no harm to get there super early and have a coffee across the road or sit in the carpark. Aim to be 10-15minutes early. iStock-521011976

4. Research
Research is key; it is what gives you the competitive edge in interviews. Research as much as possible about the company and the role you are being interviewed for. It will show that you are genuinely interested in the opportunity and will set you apart from the candidates that just want a job.

A little tip here, don’t over research. It can be overkill if you know the interviewer’s background beyond their LinkedIn.

5. Be Positive
Being positive is crucial. Positivity is infectious which can actually make you more likable. It is also important not to bad mouth an ex-employer. It can easily put a downer on the conversation if you start talking about a promotion you didn’t get or a pay rise you are well overdue.

If you are part of the 90% that do bring up their ex-employer on the first meeting then be positive! Talk about what skills and qualities you learnt there and what value you can bring with you.

If you are going to bring up your ex on a first date then.. on second thoughts, I would leave that out.

Now wouldn’t it be great if we all had 1 on 1 dating coaches that prepared us for all those scary first dates?

While Brightwater aren’t experts in dating, we are experts in recruiting! We prep each and every one of our candidates before an interview which will give you the best opportunity possible to ace that first impression.

Are you ready for your first date with your potential new employer?

If yes! Contact Careers Cupid A.K.A Con Lam for a confidential conversation on 02890 325325.