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First Placement - Kieran Jefferies

19 Feb 2020

Kieran Jefferies

Congratulations to Kieran Jefferies of our Engineering division within the Brightwater NI office on his first placement!

What is your achievement?
1st placement at Brightwater

How long have you been working in Brightwater?
Just under 4 weeks

What industry and area do you recruit in?
Construction and Engineering role across NB

What has been your success so far?
Making sure I understand the role as much as I can and using all the tools available to source candidates.

What was your background before Brightwater?
I have worked in Healthcare/IT and Engineering recruitment along with Door to Door sales in Australia

What made you think about a career in recruitment?
I had a friend who owned their own company and convinced me that I had the skills would fit into the environment

What was the process like? 
Pretty smooth, We had the candidate over and interviewed within a week and then just had to control the process. The candidate had another offer so we had to compare the two and make sure we reiterated their motivations that they had informed us of in our first call.

What skills do you think have helped you most as a recruitment consultant?
I have a lot of sales experience so that helps when talking about a role and their benefits. I’m also very competitive which drives me to be and do better

Now having worked as recruitment consultant, how does the role differ from what you expected?
Its less Wolf of Wall Street then many people think. As long as you are willing to speak to people and learn then you will thrive.

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