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There's never been a better time to return to Northern Ireland

21 Dec 2017

Andrew Currie

Brightwater's legal consultant, Andrew Currie discusses how now is thetime to return to NI. 'Candidates have the luxury of choice as there is a candidate shortage in the legal market. Driving salaries up & making NI an attractive place to work & live.'

Returning home is a tough decision to make. Many of us leave for a plethora of reasons; more money, better weather, more excitement or just the chance to see a different part of the world for a time.

The idea of moving away is appealing to everyone at some point. However in reality, you face a lot of the same problems and some new ones you won’t have envisaged.

The most common correlation people have is that the pull from home is usually your family and friendship groups but sometimes it is just being back to the place you know so well.

Christmas is often the hardest time as many return home for the festivities and after the celebrations are over, it is difficult to summon the positivity to leave your loved ones and immerse yourself back into work abroad.

Now…here’s the good news. It has never been a better time to return to the island of Ireland (and in my totally biased opinion, especially Belfast!)  Business. Is. Booming.

With the arrival of global law firms doing both traditional legal work and now international work, there are so many opportunities now for anyone working in the legal sector. Multi-jurisdictional firms operate here so all types of lawyers can now work here. Traditional firms here are also expanding rapidly, the property market is growing and there is so much construction happening in NI at the moment.

Candidates (for the time being) have the luxury of choice as there is a candidate shortage in the legal market in Northern Ireland. It is driving salaries up and making NI a much more attractive place to work and live.

Brexit makes the island of Ireland the perfect place to work as there is a foot in both camps of the United Kingdom’s industry and the European Union’s. All the top financial institutions, legal firms and Fintech companies are setting up in Belfast and Dublin due to all the attractive benefits and we can be pretty sure that if they are coming here to set up HQs, it is the place to be!

If you are looking to return home (or if you don’t originally hail from here but have seen the light and know that this is the best place on the planet to live and work) now is the time to come over.

Give Brightwater a call this December and see what we have to offer in your industry. If all goes well, you could be in a great job back home in time for Paddy’s day! 

Brightwater's Andrew Currie - Legal Consultant
For information about current and future opportunities available within Legal which may be of interest to you, contact me on 028 9032 5325 or email [email protected]