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Why use Brightwater as your Recruitment Consultancy of choice?

The reasons are many. Simply put, we believe our recruitment consultants are experts in their field. Amongst our team of over 65 consultants in Belfast, Dublin and Cork, we have huge capability to leverage off a wealth of accumulated expertise, knowledge, market insights across specialist sectors and disciplines. As our clients are experts in their field, our team of consultants here are equally experts in theirs, finding the right candidate profiles to successfully fill the job openings you need our assistance in filling.

Benefits in partnering with Brightwater rather than hiring directly:

Wider Net of Potential Candidates

We have an extensive network and candidate database which has been built up over 18 years. Our consultants, team leads, managers and directors have excellent relationships with the professional institutes across their respective sector specialisms in which you are recruiting for. As such, our teams will have a pool of both active and passive job seekers to target for your job vacancy.


Saving You Time and Money

We are extremely effective and efficient in streamlining processes in our candidate searches to find you the right person. We typically send you a shortlist of three to six potential candidates within the timeframe you need to work with.

CVs will be closely aligned to your job spec, thereby reducing the time and effort spent going through candidate CV profiles that don’t match your key requirements or that aren’t 100% committed to making their next career move for the right role.

Huge time savings are realised across your HR and line management teams involved in interviewing our shortlisted candidates.

If you add up the money you would have to spend on advertising, time needed to screen, telephone interview and complete comprehensive face to face interviews, keeping candidates engaged at all stages of interview processes and ensuring they have a positive interview and feedback experience, you’ll quickly realise the savings.

Most assignments are completed by contingency (no win, no fee). Additionally, we offer guarantee periods as well as some rebate options with our terms of business.


Understanding Your Company Culture, Values and Future Employee Fit

Our experience and capability in identifying candidates who possess a strong technical fit coupled with the right company’s culture fit, is a skill in itself.

We have a long track record in doing this, and as result the candidates we introduce and place with our clients invariably have very good career tenures. The thorough approach we take from the outset in finding the right candidate profile for you, reduces the risk of the person leaving within a short period of time, thereby saving you time and money invested in training etc.


Value Added Services

We can offer you complimentary salary benchmarking and market insights across the industries we specialise across, often providing valuable knowledge when putting together new job specs or when our clients are going through internal restructures, growth strategies, green field start- ups etc.

As we have specialist recruitment teams that deal with entry level hires right through to executive level hires, we can fully support an organisation’s end to end operating model.

We can assist with ad hoc things, from sitting on interview panels, to speeches, advice on interviewing, building job specs, etc. Brightwater are experts at what we do.